We are a firm of funeral services and what we are trying to accomplish, is to offer maximum flexibility in the composition of the final package of products and funeral services.

Here you can find the coffins of oak, beech and fir. We also have brass or plastic funeral fittings. These include crucifixes, handles for coffins, candles, large or small, lanterns and vases of bronze or marble.

Moreover we offer granite or marble tombstones, as well as marble or granite pedestals and crosses. We will not hesitate to execute mosaic gravestones if that is your choice.

We can offer, funerary floral arrangements that are specially designed in order to express respect or love for the missing person and the grieving family. You can choose according to your budget. Here we provide a range for a low budget, but also for those who want to express their homage in a different way, we provide a range of luxury arrangements. Tradition is a prospect that we will consider with the necessary rigor.

Services offered by our company extends beyond local. We also provide international funeral services. We can organize the transport with our specially equipped cars.

Moreover we provide refrigerated coffin lids. Makeup is also a service we do. The deceased can also be stored at one of our chapels in Heroes Cemetery.

Also at the Heroes and Stuparilor cemeteries we can offer resting places, tombstones of granite and marble in many colors and patterns at the highest quality and style.

Our team is experienced and will meet all family’s decisions in these difficult moments. We will be discreet and we will not interfeer more than it’s needed.

For more details about the services we can offer, we invite you to browse through the menu above, and if you have questions you can contact us anytime, or visit us: