The flowers are able to express feelings in a way that words do not. Most times they can be more sensitive, to the grieving family, than you can be, with words. Floral arrangements of various types, can express respect or love, or why not both, for the person who is no longer among us.

  • Funeral sheaf: they come in a variety of colors, which you can choose, and they are the biggest arrangements. Usualy they lay on the coffin.
  • Funeral wreaths: they can be heart-shaped, or the funeral, to be placed on the grave of the deceased. Generally, they are natural flower wreaths, intended to pay homage.
  • Flowers:in general, the most popular flowers, on such events are chrysanthemums and especially whites ones. White, having the meaning of affection and sincerity.
    Roses are also used due to the variety of colors they can be found in and, because of their special beauty.
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