We got back to our promises, first and foremost to you, inhabitants of Timisoara, and to Timisoara City Hall, with the opening of a funeral home in the Heroes Cemetery. This funeral home is available to all who want to stay in vigil with family and loved ones.

Although we have never tried to change the traditions, we always try to raise the standards and we consider that any institution that has to do with the funeral services should do the same. We believe that the time has come here in Romania, to have certain conditions and standards, as the rest of Europe and the world, when these events take place, that are part of our lives.

By putting at your disposal this new funeral homes, we try to create an environment in which to relieve a little of the pain that such an event causes. Because we are a company with tradition in funeral, we have the know-how, and what to do when it happens. We can support you with everything necessary for you to not be forced to wander around, so you can spend the time with family, friends and all who grieve.

  • a room downstairs with separate vigil room for the deceased person
  • another room upstairs
  • automatic espresso machine
  • Air Conditioning
  • latest coffin refrigeration caps to maintain constant temperature