Panoramic Picture of the Funeral Home

Our funeral house, recently inaugurated on Sagului Blvd. in Timisoara, is trying to bring you the European standards in times of ordeal. Our new funeral house, offers the following:

  • two wake rooms equipped with air conditioning, LCD televisions, leather couches and coffee tables
  • two specially equipped rooms for the deceased, bounded by glass windows from the wake rooms, as you can see in the photos bellow, granite bier, bronze vases for flowers, arranged in columns of marble and granite.
  • a reception, also with leather couches, LCD TV, this being the room where smoking is allowed.
  • a mini bar with soft drinks and coffee
  • refrigeration coffin lid, free of charge, for those who rent one of the rooms
  • for those who want, our Funeral Home makes possible the creation of a DVD with pictures and events from the life of the deceased, that can be shown on the TV [See an example]

Here, at funeral House, we also can offer you various funerary articles funerary articles. For example: coffins, funeral accessories, granite and marble tombstones and funeral flower arrangements.

Picture gallery with our funeral house.

Our team is made ​​up of people with great experience. The Funeral Home, Sagului Blvd., from Timisoara managed to build this team, with experience between ten and twenty years, because of the importance that we attach to both employees and customers. For more details about services offered by our funeral home, please contact us at our office in Timisoara Sagului Blvd., or one of the numbers at the right side of the page.

We hope that in these difficult times we can create a more peaceful ambience in order to relieve the pain in your soul.