We support you with obtaining information and assistance for the burial aid.

Besides offering advice, free of any cost, we can take care of getting the aid of death.

To get an idea about this aid, you should know that it granted to the deceased, who at the time of his death, was in retirement, or to a family member who had, in personal care, the deceased. The aid for the burial is settled by CNPAS in this case. The unemployed, which were on social help at the time of death, can also benefit from this aid. The insurer beeing here, the institution which manages the unemployment insurance budget.

Only one family member or heir, or any other person who has incurred expenditure of death, can benefit of this aid.
To qualify for this aid the, a proof of payment by invoice must be made.

Who will give you this help?

  • The employer, if the deceased is an employee
  • the institution which manages the unemployment insurance fund, if unemployed
  • Pension Fund, in case of pensioners

If you think we could help with more information on the aid of death, we invite you to our office where we hope we can answer all of your questions, or, you can call us at anytime to consult with us by phone.

What will we provide is a list of documents required to obtain Burial Aid
  • original Death Certificate
  • a copy of Death Certificate
  • ID card, in original and a copy, of the applicant
  • A standard form (which you will get from us)
  • Deceased’s pension booklet
  • Proof of expenditure(invoice)