To be able to use, one of our chapels, you need some papers. Our company will handle at your request, the process for obtaining these documents. The necessary documents are:

  • Concession contract (original)
  • Last bill, which proves the payment of the maintenance fee
  • Burial authorization (original)
  • Death certificate (original and copy)
  • Embalming authorization (original)
  • Authorization for submission to the chapel (original) – is issued by the DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH OF THE CITY OF TIMISOARA State Sanitary Inspection

If you want to see how it looks like inside, in one of our chapels click here or on the picture below

Also, if you have a larger family or many close friends, and if you want all to gather for vigil, we provide you with our Funeral Home in Timisoara, on Sagului Route. For more information click on Funeral Home to see pictures or contact us by phone at any time of day or night.