We are trying to offer you, a wide range of funerary items, high quality and accessible disturbance. Because of long experience in this field, we understand your needs, in this difficult situation, we are to make the prices of our services and products as low as the market afford us.


  • For those who wish can rent a bier
  • In the Christian tradition, the traditional bier is placed in the chapel or nave of the church, and then surrounded with candles. Traditionally the bier is made of wood, but may also be made of other materials. In ancient times, they used a wooden table on which the deceased was directly layed on, or wrapped in a shroud. Nowadays, the coffin is the place on which the body lays. The coffin can sometimes be left open. Over the bier, often, there is some cloth. The bier is usually lower than the coffin to highlight the importance of the latter.

  • Different models of coffins of various essences
  • In Romania, there are three prevailing models of coffins: the eight corners one, called the octagon, which has four corners at each end, the six corners one, two at the bottom and four at the top, and the four corners one. The lid has generally either two-pieces or a single piece.

    Of course we try to provide you with coffins according to your wishes.

    Coffin Handle: 26-547/70/100

  • Funeral Accessories
  • We offer you the possibility to accessorise the coffin with handles, crucifixes, screws and corners.
    Also, you can get mourning scarves, small and large candles, votive candles of different models, large and small towels, handkerchiefs, coils, alms and other.

    Floral arrangements

  • Floral arrangements
  • The flowers we are offering are here to make possible a way to express ourselves in other way than by words. With us you can express the importance of the deceased in your life. We provide funeral garlands, wreaths, and bouquets of flowers.