Eliberare Acte We are aware of how difficult it is to think about documents when you lose a loved one.
So we thought we’d founded a service that will help you get all the necessary documents in time.
Be aware that without these provisions will not be possible to submit to any chapel or, and even proceed with the burial.
We know how these factors can become uncomfortable. Because we have experience in this area, we know exactly how the bureaucracy works, which helps us to anticipate a few steps.
We are at your disposal to help you to get these measures through our guidance, or we can get the documents for you, if you do not have time or decide to spend it closer to family, during this delicate period.

But if you decide to do it your self, here is a list which will help you:

Documents required to obtain death certificate:
  • Medical certificate of death.
  • Evidence from the police (in the case of suicide, or finding acidentelor deceased)
  • The identity card of the deceased (original and copy)
  • Birth and marriage certificates of the decesed (original and copy)
  • Declarant’s identity card
  • A certificate from the military prosecutor in the case of late registration
  • And a fiscal stamp worth 1 RON

What you should know is that the certificate will be issued only 24 hours after the registrated death. If death was caused by violence the observation will be done by investigation team of Institute of Forensic Medicine