Producs and Funerary Services in Cemetery of Heroes

Magazin Cimitirul Eroilor

About Cemetery of Heroes

Perhaps the most representative cemetery of Timisoara, and with a history that makes it recognized around the country and the world. Many people have found their final resting places in this cemetery, including people with courage, our nation’s heroes, artists, film and theater actors, poets and writers. The Cemetery of Heroes, is trying to maintain the reputation he got it over the years.

In the Cemetery of Heroes, there is a monument erected in memory of those killed in the revolution of 1989, by the association: “Memorial 16 to 22 December 1989 revolution.” The memorial complex was built between 1990 and 1999. In addition to his 12 symbolic monuments. In front of it, there is a flame that burns, such as that nor rain, snow or wind can stop it, just as the heroes could not be stopped by nothing in that black December. We are proud of our heroes and trying to hold them always alive in our memories.
Some of the services we can offer in the Cemetery of Heroes are: