The refrigerated coffin lid, was designed to mantain the deceased, in the coffin, during the wake period. Due to the transparent insulating cover, the deceased can be viewed at any time and at the same time will mantain much better.
Also, although some believe can not occur, or not even considered, the occurrence of sanitary problems, especially during hot, or in particular situations when the vigil is prolonged, they can become a real nuisance. Therefore, we advise you to use the lid, which will save you such headaches. Sure, will not be sorry that you have used it. The technology used to achieve this coffin lid is one of the latest generation.
The temperature inside the coffin, is kept sufficiently low to ensure conservation in optimal conditions.
Given the small size and weight, can be easily transported and used in situ where access presents a difficulty.
For additional information about renting this cover please call us at the numbers on the side panel.